Album: Scavengers (2012)

Song: Meet your Maker

Bitrate: 256kbps

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We Play Loud, We Play Fast, We're MEATSHANK And We Play F***ing Metal!

That's aboout the size of it. One band, three guys, one EP ("Meat 'n Cider"), two full-length albums (self-titled and "Scavengers"), numerous high octane shows, and one hell of a lot of bullshit-free Thrash Metal. New full-length album coming in mid-2012!


Vincent Camarillo - Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals/Lead Back up Driver/Lead Equipment Loader/ Lead backing lush

Murry - Lead Bass/ Lead Backing Vocals/Lead Tour Chef/Lead lush

Shane Cook - Lead Drums/Lead Tour Bus Driver/ Lead Tour Mechnic